More than one songwriter has described their compositions as snapshots before, but a song from Jill Andrews truly feels like a captured moment in time, each release of hers a photo album documenting the personal stories and scenes that have inspired her to write about them.

What makes Jill’s music so resonant is the way in which her stories mirror that of the listener. Her struggles give language to our struggles. Her insights provide a way forward for our problems. Her wrestling makes us feel less alone in our own battles. It’s a true gift yet somehow it all comes across so easily.

In this episode of The Resistance, we find out that Jill’s songwriting process really is that straightforward—or at least somewhat “magical”—but there are other aspects of being an artist that have proven to be difficult. Currently, Jill says she’s learning how to ask for what she really wants as she prepares to release another album entitled Modern Age in August. 

Our discussion with Jill takes a number of turns, from her ability to differentiate herself from her music to the subjects that are too personal to write about. And just as her music finds a way to effortlessly connect with the listener, we’ve no doubt her insights here into creativity and the resistance will do the same.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with singer-songwriter Jill Andrews.

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*Photo: Fairlight Hubbard