If you check your internet sources, it’s either Teddy Roosevelt or a biblical figure. The source matters not. Rather it’s just important to know that someone once said it.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Most of us have learned well the truth behind this phrase.

Social media apps have us scrolling past one perfect life after another—perfect dishes next to perfect workouts next to perfect vacations. All the while we question our imperfect choices. Resentment builds. Jealousy surfaces.

Our conversation with indie pop artist Sarah Jaffe speaks directly to the shadow side of comparison and how destructive it can be if we let it rule our mindset. As an artist, Sarah says social media can be her worst enemy, a distracting or even dangerous noise that steals her passion and fervor for what she loves most.

Sarah, who has two new EPs on the way (This is Better Pt. 1 & 2) on July 19 has learned the hard way to be very intentional with her time and efforts in her hopes to keep the “Dark Energy” away, as she sings so aptly on her latest single: “Dark energy stay away from me/ I’m gonna fight for myself/ Lethargy, you can go to hell/ You were never really a friend to me.”

Join us for a new episode of The Resistance on comparison, intention, and the wrestling involved in it all with one of Dallas’s best and brightest.