Conor O’Brien is trying his best to avoid “the algorithm blues.”

As the songwriter and central figure in the Mercury Prize-nominated band Villagers, Conor knows a thing or two about the wrestling required with and the shadow side of social media. As a recording artist, there’s an inherent need to stay in front of listeners—to create content, to stay connected, to fan the flames of fandom. As a real person, however, it’s not the healthiest way to spend one’s time.

Conor is a trusted companion on this journey inward, because he’s proven so adept at following his own internal compass. Villagers began as an intricate and intimate outlet for his own songs, yet it’s grown into an expansive collective with blurred lines regarding any categorization. Fever Dreams is Villagers’ beautiful new album, and it’s marked by his bold choices in every direction.

On this episode of The Resistance, Conor O’Brien provides an insightful conversation about external demands, the internal compass, and how he tries to navigate that tension.

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